VidyaKendram Educational institutions are established on April 2nd,1991 for the rural student development in and around Sattenapalli town under the management of Nagarjuna Educational Society. Now in addition to these institutions, it is giving support to Vellanki Foundation for conducting Social and other training programs with the social representatives for the sake of academically, economically and socially backward students. The Institutions working with the aim to build the students as ” the leaders in their respective professions in future, but not followers “.

Our Institutions:

  • Vellanki College of Education,
  • VidyaKendram Degree & P.G College,
  • Nagarjuna D.Ed College,
  • Vidyakendram Junior College,
  • Vidyakendram High School,
  • Vidyakendram Primay School.

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